Monday, March 01, 2004

We arrived back from New York late last night after an incredible weekend. It's amazing both how much you can pack into 48 hours, and how much is still left undone after that time. I couldn't live in Manhattan, but what a great place to visit.

On Sunday morning, we attended Redeemer Presbyterian Church (thanks for the heads-up, Jane D.) which meets at several different points in Manhattan (since they aspire to have very local congregations, rather than one megachurch). The service we attended was at the Hunter College Auditorium on the Upper East Side about two blocks from Central Park. Much to my suprise, there were probably 1500 people there.

It was an incredible encouragement to see a thriving, growing, Bible-believing congregation in the heart of New York City. After a few days of walking around, you can start to get the feeling that you're the only one. Tim Keller and the foks there are being used in a tremendous work.

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