Monday, July 10, 2006

Oh. My. Goodness.

This may be the single most disturbing thing I've ever read:
One little girl entering Broward County kindergarten this fall is actually a boy.

Few will know this genetic truth, because the 5-year-old's parents and school administrators have agreed that it's in his best interest to blend in as a female.

Mental health professionals have diagnosed Pat -- not his real name -- with gender dysphoria, a condition in which a person believes that he or she is the opposite gender.
It gets worse, and WARNING: it contains some graphic descriptions:
The soon-to-be kindergartner looks quite feminine, cartwheeling around the yard and playing with dolls. Pat says he hates his penis, and he refuses to wear boys' clothing.

He and his three older siblings -- two girls and a boy -- live in a middle-class Broward County neighborhood with their father, an attorney, and their mother, who has a master's degree in counseling.

Pat's parents had never heard of gender dysphoria until they took their child for treatment. He was insisting that he was a girl, and often tried to hide his penis between his legs.

After long consultation with a team of pediatric endocrinologists and therapists, then with school officials, the parents decided that it was in Pat's best interest to live as a girl.
Okay, here's my typical insensitivity coming in to play, but I'm quite willing to go on record as guaranteeing that every single person involved in this case, from the parents to the social workers to the school officials to the attorneys to the "noted gender specialist and sexologist" is a complete and utter whack-job.

"Gosh, John, that's awfully harsh. Couldn't this happen to anyone?"

I doubt it. I can't absolutely rule out any physical issues at play here. Yet for some reason, I'm not surprised to hear that the boy's mother has "a master's degree in counseling," whatever that is. Considering the complete scientific bankruptcy of the so-called "mental health" industry and it's spectacularly ineffective "therapies," it's hardly surprising that a whole cadre of them is consigning a child who doesn't yet know his right from his left to a lifetime of freakhood. It's 21st century phrenology.

Notice that the people steering the ship here are mainly "gender specialist" Ph.D.s, "mental health professionals," counselors, educators, and gay activists. There's a conspicuous lack of input from any of the hard sciences (with the exception of endocrinology which, let's be honest, also frequently deals with most of the vaguest and undefined conditions in medicine, such as the all-encompassing "thyroid issues") and a pervasive input from the very pseudosciences which have been most captured by leftist ideologues.

Think about it a minute. What kind of kid says these kinds of things about his body? Where would he even get these concepts? What kid that age have you ever met who has any strong feelings about his biological structure, whether positive or negative? No, this child learned Nutspeak from the very people charged with "helping" and "guiding" him.

The best thing that could happen to this child is for him to be removed from the psychiatric/social worker/counselor/educator echo chamber and raised as a boy ought to be raised. But unfortunately that won't happen, because too many people have a vested interest in using his situation for their social-engineering projects.

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