Monday, December 04, 2006

Yo, Adrian, My Diaper's Full

Sorry for the long break. We were on a post-Thanksgiving beach vacation, and I try not to broadcast over the world-wide web that my home will be empty for a couple of weeks. Good heavens, what if someone broke in and stole my...wait, I just realized I don't have anything worth stealing...How about my recliner? That's it, I have to maintain full radio silence while on vacation in order to protect my recliner! How depressing and pitiful.

Speaking of depressing and pitiful, I saw an ad this week for the next installment in Sylvester Stallone's "Rocky" series. I think in this one he goes nuts and pummels to death a nursing home orderly for turning off the TV in the middle of "Murder She Wrote."

Here's something I found highly amusing about all this. As I recounted ad nauseum here, my son and I went back to St. Louis in October to watch the Cardinals win the World Series. While we were staying with my folks there, my mom pulled out some old copies of the now-defunct Globe-Democrat newspaper we had saved from the last time the Redbirds had won the World Series when I was in middle school back in 1982.

I always find it fun to read through old newspapers to see what was big at the time, how much things cost, etc. One of the October '82 papers had a little entertainment section in it. As I read through it, I found a blurb about the film "Rocky III," which had been the big hit that summer, and the future possibility of even more films. And then came the best part. The article asked the question: Isn't this premise getting a little bit worn, and isn't Sylvester Stallone too old to be carrying this boxing thing off much longer? Keep in mind, this was written 24 years ago. He's 60 now.

"Rocky VI: Permanent Brain Damage," coming to theaters this Christmas!

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