Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Bloody Sock Blog

The new Major League Baseball season is now underway. (Your defending champions? Why, the St. Louis Cardinals, of course, who will receive their World Series bling before the game this evening.)

This year brings a true gift for any baseball fan: Boston Red Sox starter (and possible future Hall of Famer) Curt Schilling now has his own blog. And it's a real blog, not one of these fake-o celebrity deals where the guy posts something once a week (through a ghostwriter) and there are no comments. Schilling posts almost compulsively, and interacts in the comments with the fans. Oh, and he's actually honest in the thing too. Check out yesterday's entry, after he got shelled in his first start:
Not sure where to even start. Two words sum it up best, no command. Can’t remember a game where I couldn’t make adjustments but today was certainly one of those. Not so much the secondary pitches but no fastball command is not something that happens much, if at all, over an entire game (even if the ‘game’ for me only lasts 4 innings).

...Not the start I was hoping for. Walking off the mound I knew my FB command was crap, and that I’d need to get it right fast.
It's already the best "insider" blog ever, and it could truly revolutionize the way that sports journalism is done (if it's even done for much longer) in this country. Once the players can go directly to the fans, there's little need for fat, drunken sportswriters to act as go-betweens anymore.

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