Tuesday, May 25, 2004

While it's almost too easy to make fun of bloviating, bovine filmmaker Michael Moore, it never really gets old due to the fact that he continues to be worshipped as a god by pedantic leftists worldwide.

That's why lots of enterprising folks are actively engaged in creatively exposing Moore's hypocricy, lies, and blatant silliness on the web and in the media.

This summer, one young filmmaker is releasing in theaters his response to Moore's nonsense: a documentary titled "Michael Moore Hates America".

Moore, as you may know, has built a career by pretending to be a populist man of the people, hounding people like former G.M. chairman Roger Smith and N.R.A. president Charlton Heston, among others, on camera. But as it turns out, the rotund, factually-challenged propagandist doesn't like to take the medicine he's peddling. In fact, he's spent no small amount of time hiding from the documentary filmmaker who's hounding him. Ironic, since Moore's first big success was a documentary film about chasing around the CEO of an automobile corporation who refused to be interviewed by him.

Mike Wilson, the director of the film, has even offered to give a portion of the movie's profits to a hurting school in Moore's hometown of Flint, Michigan. According to Wilson:
You all know that I recently made an offer to Michael Moore to give 5% of the profits from the film to Buell Elementary School in Flint, MI, provided he did the 45 minute sit-down interview I’ve been requesting of him for a year now. He has yet to respond.
But Moore rarely puts his money where his mouth is. You've undoubtedly heard Moore complaining recently to every media outlet in the world that his film "Farenheit 9-11" is being "censored." This is, of course, the furthest thing from the truth, but Moore has never been one to let facts get in the way of a good pose. He claims that the film is so important for people to see before the election, he'll break laws to make sure it gets released.

Now, anybody with a brain knows that there are no "laws" restricting him from releasing his movie, and thus none to break. But this makes him sound brave to Frenchmen, since bravery is a virtue the French only know second-hand.

Well the guys at Moorewatch.com have called him out on it. They've started a petition called "Release the Movie," which calls on Moore (since his film is so important to the maintainence of truth, justice, and the American way) to release his film for free on the Internet so that the "message" can be distributed to everyone. Of course, internet release would mean forgoing profits, which Moore always decries as evil anyway. Let's all start holding our breath now.

Some other good sites devoted to are:

Moorelies.com, Moorewatch.com, Mooreexposed.com, and Bowling for Truth.

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