Monday, March 07, 2005

Let The Mediocrity Continue

As fate would have it, today is my second blogiversary. And yes, I am as amazed as anyone that I've managed to stretch out perhaps three days worth of actual material over an entire two-year period.

As I enter my third year of this, I've decided that I want to change the name of the blog. I've never particularly cared for it--alliteration annoys me. I chose the name on about two seconds of thought (appropriately enough, since that's roughly the amount I've given to each subsequent posting), and I've regretted it ever since.

Because the only thing I can really think of is to simply have the blog be eponymous (as in "John Rabe"), I figured I'd also give you, my five faithful visitors, the opportunity to contribute to this momentous decision. Feel free to share your ideas for renaming my blog in the comments below. If I chose your suggested name, you will be the lucky recipient of....a warm feeling at having contributed to the betterment of Western Civilization. Good luck, and drive safely.

(P.S. Yes, smart-aleck, I'm aware that this is a blog post about blog posting, and yes, I'm aware that I'm on record as having declared such postings positively boring, tedious, and narcissistic. Hey, if you took away boring, tedious, and narcissistic, I'd have no blog. So get over it. And if I post on that subject again for the rest of this year--other than this post and the one choosing the new name--you have my consent to track me down and flay me with a paring knife.)

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