Friday, June 24, 2005

Cruising For A Bruising

Okay, I gave Tom Cruise a hard time the other day (I'm sure he's devastated), but fairness demands I have to give him credit where he's due.

He' right: psychiatry is a pseudoscience. Any intelligent person who does even a cursory study of the history and methodology of psychiatry will discover this very quickly, as Cruise encouraged the nitwitted Matt Lauer to do.

I think that Cruise's Scientolgy is the most silly, whacked-out religion on the face of the earth today. And I also happen to find almost everything about him extremely annoying. But even a blind squirrel occasionally finds a nut, and psychiatry is the nut Cruise has found. We now have a pill to "cure" every emotional state that's not blissfully happy, yet we've never been more of a mess as a people.

No doubt there are people who have probably felt better after receiving psychiatric treatment. Just as there are people who have felt better after a chiropractic treatment. It still doesn't make either less pseudoscientific.

(Why can I already tell in advance that I'll manage to offend almost everyone with this?)

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