Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Not Much For Fancy Book-Learnin'

This story about John Kerry's Yale grades is almost too easy, but liberals have been so insufferable about this stuff throughout the first Bush term that I just can't resist.

The headlines are interesting. "Kerry, Bush had similar grades," says CNN. "Kerry's Yale grades similar to Bush's," announces Yahoo.

Of course, the part they leave out of the headline is "...similar, though Bush's were better."

Neither was much of a scholar, but evidently "frat-boy" Bush got one D grade at Yale, while "genius" Kerry hauled in four of them. Kerry's cumulative average for his Yale career was also one point short of Bush's. I suppose it's all evidence of that great Kerry "intellectual curiosity" we heard so much about.

Remember those rumor emails Democrats used to send around claiming that Bush had one of the lowest IQ's in the history of the presidency? One wonders where such a scale would place Kerry, who earned D's in history and political science. (But hey, what does a president need to know about history and political science?)

As most have known all along, the difference between Kerry and Bush isn't that Kerry is much smarter than Bush (since by objective standards he's actually dumber); it's that he's much more a snob than Bush. Kerry is the very embodiment of the pseudo-intellectual.

I'm just glad this story didn't come out during a Kerry presidency, embarassing us before the U.N. and our betters in the world community. It would be horrible to have our European allies laughing at us knowing we had an idiot for a leader.

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