Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Good Day Sunshine

President Bush signed a bill the other day extending daylight-savings time for another month, adding three more weeks to the beginning of it and one more week to the end.

To my astonishment, there are some people--lots of people--who are upset about this. I frankly just don't get it. I think daylight-savings time is perhaps the one good thing the government ever did, and furthermore, I don't think we should ever go off it--even in the winter time.

Who wants to leave work at 5pm when it's already completely dark? For me, the weekend we turn the clocks back so that it starts getting dark in the afternoon is about the most depressing weekend of the year.

"But John, what about the children, who will have to wait for the school bus in the morning in the dark?" Tough luck. They need a little adversity to toughen them up. Life isn't all Playstation and juice boxes, Jasper.

And you morning people who think this is going to cramp your style: hey, if you've got so damn much to be cheerful about at that hour of the morning, a little darkness ain't gonna kill you. Maybe it'll even bring you down a few notches and help you be less annoying to the rest of us.

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