Thursday, March 30, 2006

Oily Little Weasels

I told you the other day about these weaselly little radio management types who fired Dave Lenihan for his slip of the tongue while talking about Condoleezza Rice (when he accidentally used the word "coon" instead of "coup").

Just a recap of what I was saying the other day:
These [KTRS management weasel] guys aren't principled; they're afraid. They were willing to throw their guy under the bus without even talking to him, without even considering whether it could have been a silly mistake, because they're gutless weenies. KTRS' CEO is running to every media outlet in the country talking about how evil this host supposedly is, how he's a hatemonger, and how KTRS doesn't support that kind of thing. Of course, they liked him enough to hire him, but now after one misstatement they evidently know the true darkness that lurks in his heart.

...Mark this: These weaselly radio guys would let somebody call himself "Big Lips McJive" and sing "Mammy" on the air in blackface if A). It would draw ratings, and B). They thought they could get away with it. So don't let them fool you. Dave Lenihan wasn't fired because the management of KTRS is so high-mindedly diversity-friendly. He was fired solely because he failed test B).
Well, today comes the news that the NAACP itself says KTRS management overreacted:
After previously coming out against Lenihan, leaders with the civil rights organization said they support him and believe his comment was just a mistake, and, that the NAACP and KTRS radio both jumped the gun and overreacted.

Leaders say they will write a letter to Lenihan's former employer KTRS and ask that the station reconsider firing Lenihan.
Of course, KTRS will rehire they guy. And they ought to rehire him. But unfortunately they will rehire the guy for the same reason that they fired him--not because of principle, but because they're afraid of public reaction. They take orders from interest groups. Did he really go from great guy to dark, evil-hearted racist back to great guy in one week's time? Or are his radio managers grimy little suck-up worms who drift whichever way the wind blows?

I've worked for some of these people, and I can tell you which is far more likely.

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