Monday, March 06, 2006

Those Little Town Blues

Got back from N.Y. late last night. Had an outstanding time as always. New York is an interesting place, to say the least.

Before going to see "Spamalot," (which I enjoyed greatly; my wife not as much), we went to eat at the legendary 21 Club restaurant. Andy Rooney was eating a couple of tables over from us. If such a thing is even possible, he actually looks even older and crankier in person. At first, I thought he was sitting behind a small shrub of some kind. Then I realized that was his eyebrows.

I also met this guy from Saturday Night Live who played John Kerry for them during the last election:

And as if that weren't enough, we also met the guy on the right of this picture, which comes from the now-famous "Chronic-What?-cles of Narnia" video ("Mr. Pibb plus Red Vines equals crazy delicious") which Slate says "...[made] Saturday Night Live a cultural touchstone for the first time since Christopher Walken pleaded for 'more cowbell.'":

He was a very, very nice kid who seemed genuinely grateful for the bit of success he's currently enjoying.

Oh, and, we were frightened on the street at 12:45am by a guy who insisted we watch a balloon trick. And I mean he insisted. After I politely declined his invitation to observe his little trick by saying "we have to be somewhere," the guy planted himself in front of us and pleaded with us to watch the trick. My wife was nearly insensate with fear, but I was more calm, figuring that a guy with a small balloon inflater could only do so much damage to us if he decided to rob us with it. Fortunately, he didn't, and let us merrily on our way after we watched him make a deer (I think) jumping through a heart.

So where else in the world can you get all that in one weekend?

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