Friday, June 09, 2006

Glass Houses

Tony Hendra, an author and former National Lampoon writer who occasionally jots for the always-silly Huffington Post, isn’t taking kindly to Ann Coulter’s new book or her comments promoting it.

Writing as God, the liberal Hendra (without any hint of knowingness) goes after Coulter precisely the way she argued liberals always do in her book Slander: by attacking physical appearance. Writes Hendra:
That can't you keep a man or have kids, because you're literally inhuman - a cold-blooded vertebrate, a bipedal reptile, a hilarious genetic joke. How would your millions of pinheaded fans feel if they knew that you were advanced form of velociraptor? That you never wear backless outfits because there are vestigial leathery batwings sprouting from your shoulder-blades? That even if some male could fertilize you you'd lay eggs? That if those eggs hatched you'd eat your young? Because that's what you're hardwired to do, Ann, you poor little velociraptor, you.

…Ann, you don't know Me. You've never spoken to Me in the 45 years of your twisted, spoilt-brat existence. You don't believe in Me or any of My works least [sic] of all that being the God of love the only thing I hate is hate - the force that drives every cell in your bony sunken-faced velociraptor frame. Yours is a faith of convenience shining bright - and about as deep - as aluminum foil.
Well. And this from the pro-women party.

I don’t know if the only thing God hates is hate itself. In fact, I’d be willing to bet just about anything that God really, really hates child molesters. Of which Tony Hendra is one.

Oops. Yes, Tony fails to mention that, either in his little note from God, or in his books on his supposed spiritual awakening. It’s hard to imagine anything more misogynistic than what he’s written here, but Tony Hendra’s repeated sexual abuse of his daughter when she was young probably tops it.
In speaking to The Times, [Hendra’s 39-year-old daughter Jessica] authorized a reporter to talk to two therapists who treated her, as well as three friends in whom she confided, and her husband and mother. All said that Ms. Hendra credibly told them at different junctures of being molested, one of them when she was 12.

…During the interview, Mr. Hendra at first simply impugned Ms. Hendra's accusations. When informed that friends and therapists said that Ms. Hendra had told them of abuse, he was quiet and sounded shaken and, saying that these were developments he was unaware of, asked if he could have five minutes to catch his breath and then call back.
He called back 45 minutes later and made up some story. Incidentally, those accusations don’t appear in the National Enquirer; they come from the liberal "paper of record"--the New York Times.

So I wonder if all the wild-eyed liberals at the Huffington Post feel better today, having just taken a theology lesson from an unrepentant child molester?

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