Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Mark Of The Dense

Okay, enough of the 666 stuff today.

First of all, there’s good reason to believe that the current popular conception of the biblical meaning of this number is simply wrong.

But aside from that, where are we getting the idea that today is even 6/6/6 to begin with? It’s actually 6/6/06. There’s a zero in there. Why do the 666 mavens get to just drop the zero? I don’t think so, bubba. If today is 666, then so is 6/6/16, 6/6/26, etc. We have one every decade. It’s no more legitimate to arbitrarily drop the zero out than to drop any other number out.

You had one year in which you could legitimately find a 6/6/6, and that was in the year 6 A.D. Except in 6 A.D. they didn’t even know yet that it was 6 A.D., so it passed them right by. They didn’t figure out the A.D. years until centuries later.

So I hope I've made my point. I'm off now to the license bureau to have the microchip implanted in my forehead that will allow me to buy and sell at Sam's Club.

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