Wednesday, August 23, 2006

They Gotta Have It

So I notice that Spike Lee bills his new Hurricane Katrina HBO documentary "When the Levees Broke" as "A Spike Lee Film."

Now, usually Spike Lee calls a movie "A Spike Lee Joint." Hmmm. I guess he thinks we can't see what's going on here. Like we're too stupid to connect the dots. What, aren't the poor people of New Orleans worthy of being in a Spike Lee Joint? Why has he relegated them second-hand status? Haven't these people already suffered enough at the hands of their government tormentors?

I know why Spike Lee relegated those people to a Spike Lee Film and booted them out of the Spike Lee Joint. He's a racist.

Do the right thing, Spike. Have some compassion on the people of New Orleans. Put them in a Spike Lee Joint, and stop treating them like second-hand citizens.

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