Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Sorry about the recent absence. I was visiting the ol' hometown of St. Louis last week. Since it's the internet, I figure it's prudent to not let every psycho in the world know when the house will be empty for a week.

While there, we visited the new ballpark, and I must say that I am very favorably impressed. It's beautiful, well-integrated into the downtown landscape, and staffed by the most helpful people I've found in any public venue ever. A concession cashier actually startled me by saying hello as I passed. Seeing me getting ready to take a picture of my family, an usher came over and volunteered to snap it for us so that I could be in the picture too. No question, I miss the old Busch Stadium. But not as much now that I've been to the new one. It's worthy of the Redbird legacy.

I was also reminded during my visit that people in the Midwest are, oh...maybe a thousand times more friendly than they are in South Florida. And there are no hurricanes there. And gas is about 30 cents per gallon cheaper. And English is the primary language. And they have White Castles.

But I'm sure I moved to South Florida for some reason. Didn't I? Didn't I?

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