Monday, February 26, 2007

Wicked Cool

My wife and I just got back from Massachusetts, where I had taken her for our anniversary. From what I gather, it's rather unusual for visitors to go up to Cape Cod in February. (I deduced this from the fact that everything, including hospitals and 7-11's, is closed there at this time of year.) But my wife wanted to go somewhere cold--the exact reverse of the kinds of vacations taken by 98% of North Americans where they go from cold places to warm ones--so Massachusetts it was.

Still, it was a lovely long weekend, highlighted by my delightful attempts to say the word "scrod" over and over again in a pitiful New England accent, and capped off by a final full day in Boston--a place I'd never visited before. It was a win-win situation there. As we walked around the city, she got to see historical things she wanted to see like Faniuel Hall, the Old North Church, and Old South Meeting House. And I got to see that bar from "Cheers." So we both got what we were looking for.

Okay, so that's Monday. We'll see if I find I have anything to say this week, unlike the past few.

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