Tuesday, April 27, 2004

In the same week that American hero Pat Tillman was getting killed defending his country in Iraq, another NFL player, Leonard Little, was being arrested on drunken driving charges.

Little, who is the best defensive player for the St. Louis Rams (and one of the best in the league), potentially faces four years in prison and a one-year suspension from the NFL. You see, Leonard also got caught drunk-driving in 1998--when he slammed into another car in downtown St. Louis, killing the driver.

As disgusting as Little's behavior is, when set side-by-side with Tillman's valor it becomes unbearable. If, like the Japanese, our culture had any sense of "face," perhaps Little would see this disparity and do the right thing: load up the shotgun, head out to the garage, and blow out that pea he thinks is a brain.

Instead, I suspect he'll be back to raking in his millions after a few months sabbatical.

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