Friday, April 23, 2004

Seeing the discussion on the 50 Worst Songs Ever here and elsewhere on the 'net, I'm reminded of yet another classic SNL parody from a few years ago. As you can tell, much of my life is marked in terms of SNL parodies.

The sketch purported to be an ad for a new album called "Songs That Ruined Everything." Dennis DeYoung (Will Ferrell) is the spokesman:
Dennis DeYoung: [ singing at piano ] "I know you think these are the worst of times. I do believe it's true."

Hi. I'm Dennis DeYoung, lead singer of the rock group Styx. And that was our smash hit, "The Best of Times", a song that turned a respected art-rock quintent into an easy-listening laughingstock. You can hear that and other career-destroying hits on an amazing collection called "Songs That Ruined Everything". You'll get dozens of songs which signalled the beginning of the end for many formerly cool artists. Including:

"Abracadabra", by the Steve Miller Band...
They then play a few other tunes--"Dancing in the Dark," by Springsteen, etc. Then DeYoung/Ferrell says:
DeYoung: I'm sure we all remember the moment we lost respect for one of our favorite artists. Now you can relive that moment again and again. Imagine it's 1986, and you're eagerly awaiting the new album by the world's greatest rock-and-roll band.. and they give you this: [ sound clip plays ] "Harlem Shuffle", by the Rolling Stones.
Of course, there is the opportunity to procure a bonus CD:
DeYoung: And if you act now, we'll include a bonus album: "Songs That Made It Impossible For Even The Most Ardent Fan Not To Realize Something Was Seriously Wrong." We're talking about songs that pounded the final nail into the coffin of artistic legitimacy. Such as:

"We Built This City", by Jefferson Starship...

..."Invisible Touch", by Genesis...

..."We Didn't Start The Fire", by Billy Joel...

...and Styx's own "Mr. Roboto".

Each of these songs reminds us that even our best and brightest can enter a heart-breaking creative freefall, from which there's no escape! So, "domo arigato"!
The transcript of the parody comes from a wonderful website entirely devoted to transcribing old episodes of Saturday Night Live. And I thought I had no life.

Whoever the soul is who pours his hard work into this, I love him.

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