Thursday, April 29, 2004

Okay, I have to ask. It's been on my mind for a while. I know that a number of you hate the National Review, and that's fine. But this question is directed to those of you who like it.

Does Jay Nordlinger (who is NR's managing editor and writes the popular "Impromptus" column) ever seem kinda....I don't know....girly to you?

I mean, I agree with him on lots of things, he's often amusing, and I appreciate the stuff that he picks up on for his column. But.....

Maybe I'm just not cultured enough, but lately he seems to use an awful lot of phrases like "It is just to die for, n'est pas?" Too many for someone with a fully-working Y chromosome.

Here are some actual phrases from today's column:
Ah, Bernard Lewis. To do without him is . . . not thinkable.

What a wonderful, unusual, brave woman, Alina Fernandez.

Enthusiasms is one of the most gladdening and enriching volumes you'll ever read. To be its dedicatee! Nice going, Arianna -- I'll give you that.

I saw a headline: "Mouse Created Without Male!" I thought, "Well, wouldn't something created without a male be a mouse?"
I don't even know what the hell that last one means.

This foppery never jumped out at me before. Is there more of it lately, or was I just missing it all along?

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