Tuesday, June 22, 2004

In this week's TIME cover story, Bill Clinton says:
I was involved in two great struggles at the same time: a great public struggle over the future of America with the Republican Congress and a private struggle with my old demons. I won the public one and lost the private one.
Really? We all know you lost the private one (and Monica has the dress to prove it).

But which "public struggle over the future of America" did you win with the Republican Congress? The one where they mercifully euthanized your wife's socialistic health care bill? The one where they finally crammed welfare reform down your throat resulting in millions of people finally achieving independence from the federal government? The one where the House of Representatives impeached you? The passage of NAFTA, a fundamentally conservative, free-market initiative? The middle-class tax cuts they forced you to make? The balanced budget they forced you to accept that you now take credit for?

What exactly are these struggles you won against Republican obstruction from which our nation is still reaping the benefits, Mr. President?

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