Thursday, June 10, 2004

I've found it amusing in recent days that the media (I assume in an attempt to add stature and reverence) have begun referring to Ronald Reagan (in stentorian tones) as "Ronald Wilson Reagan."

I heard Reagan referred to that way maybe three times in my entire life before this week. Lyndon Baines Johnson was referred to with the "Baines" frequently while he was still alive. Same with Kennedy's "Fitzgerald," Eisenhower's "David," Roosevelt's "Delano," and even Nixon's "Milhous." All of these people were referred to by three names while still alive with at least some frequency.

Only Reagan has suddenly had his middle name attached to him posthumously. Why? Just because a president dies doesn't mean we have to start using his middle name. Anyone know Woodrow Wilson's middle name? How about Teddy Roosevelt?

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