Wednesday, September 08, 2004

These Go To Eleven

Years ago, I recall reading an article about when the up-and-coming Van Halen were opening for Ted Nugent on a late 70’s concert tour. Eddie Van Halen was tearing up the fret board night after night, spellbinding the crowd with his new rapid-fire, melodic, classically-influenced style. Nugent was more than a little jealous of the new wunderkind, and snuck into the arena early one day before the soundcheck with his guitar, asking to plug into Eddie’s equipment.

The sound technicians hooked Nugent up to Eddie’s stuff, and Nuge started wailing away. He let fly with everything in his arsenal. According to those who were there, asked how Nugent sounded through Eddie’s equipment: “Still sounded just like Ted.”

That anecdote keeps popping into my mind as John Kerry desperately hires more and more old Clinton hands to staff his campaign. He can plug into Clinton’s equipment, but when all is said and done, he still sounds just like Kerry.

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