Tuesday, September 21, 2004

They Just Keep Digging

The Kerry side of the ledger seems to insist on turning the Rather story into the Perfect Storm that will swallow their candidate at sea.

Terry McAuliff, the DNC chairman, is now pushing the line that yes, the memos are forged, but...they were planted by Republican operatives. Which, of course, makes perfect sense: manufacture documents that are damaging to your own candidate, then hand them to the media and cause a damaging media storm for your guy--in hopes that bloggers will eventually recognize the inconsistent superscripting. The Bush campaign decided to roll the dice and hinge their entire presidency on the investigative abilities of Little Green Footballs.

It's like O.J.'s proferred "Columbian drug kingpins" defense, except in this version Nicole hires her own killers in order to cost O.J. the next "Naked Gun" sequel.

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