Tuesday, January 11, 2005

American Bedstand

In the wake of the Aniston/Pitt split (Is nothing sacred anymore? If you can't count on a Hollywood marriage, what can you count on?), I've been too depressed to blog. But there has been one thing on my mind of earth-shattering importance that now forces me to break out of my blog funk ("blunk?"): Dick Clark.

As you may recall, when Dick Clark had was hospitalized on December 8, he was described as having suffered a "minor stroke."

According to a report from the next day:
"He did have a minor stroke and he’s in the hospital for that reason but he’ll be fine,” spokeswoman Amy Streibel told Reuters.
Now I'm no doctor, but I'm starting to doubt the veracity of Clark's spokespeople--seeing as though it's now been over a month and the man's still in the hospital. Perhaps they and I have a different interpretation of the word "minor." One wonders what might constitute a "major" stroke.

His people continue to issue all sorts of optimistic bedside statements purporting to be from Clark himself, so I'm giving even money that he's a veg.

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