Thursday, January 06, 2005

G.I. Jane

A gal I work with has a son in the Army. A while back, he married a girl (also in the Army) while stationed in Georgia, and they just had a baby boy in August.

A week from tommorrow, both are being sent to Iraq. They arranged to have their baby stay with the grandparents in Chicago.

There's something deeply, deeply wrong with a culture that sends its mothers and wives off to war. There's something deeply wrong with a culture where fathers allow their daughters to join the military. And there's something deeply wrong with a feminized culture where some people will read what I just wrote and be more offended by my "sexism" than that women with four-month old children are being sent off to convoys in Iraq.

If I've offended you, tough. You're wrong. Your society that sends wives and new mothers off to war as soldiers deserves its impending collapse.

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