Thursday, September 22, 2005

Bouncing Around

  • Brian at Terrible Swift Word has once again had contact from Nigerian scam artists. This time, the Nigerians are going heavy on the god-talk, attempting to prey on gullable Christians.

    My favorite part: the Nigerian has confessed to being a rotten guy before a profound conversion experience at a Benny Hinn crusade. Brian (a.k.a. "Avery Lunch") responds:
    Barrister, if I may be so bold – you seem to be kind of hard on yourself about your past. Don't be. I know a certain other person who also had some skeletons on his clothesline. He liked to pick on Christians. He would throw rocks at them, and gave them no end of hassle. I think you know who I'm talking about ... that's right, Stevie Simpkins, a kid I went to fourth grade with.
    I've seen other people publish their Nigerian correspondence, but nobody on the web does it better than Brian. Watch as he reels them in, beginning here.
  • Byron York at National Review Online almost succeeds in making me feel sorry for forgotten-attention-hound Cindy Sheehan. The arrival of her "Bring Them Home Tour" in Washington D.C. yesterday was an exercise in comical mishap and apathy.
  • The new TV season is getting underway, and I feel like I'm missing the boat. I've never seen full episodes of "Lost," "24," "The Apprentice," "Survivor" or any of the other hot shows. I did finally see "House," which people have been telling me about, and found it disturbing. "24" looks good to me, but I just feel like I can't commit to it when they tell you right up front how many hours of your life they're going to demand. Even with TiVo, there are only so many hours in the day, and I don't have 24 of them to spare.
  • The baseball playoffs are a great time of year. Check out the comments section in the below previous post for some spirited baseball discussion. Arguments are the best part of baseball.
  • Joe Carter at the Evangelical Outpost scores some rhetorical points in his fable "In the Beginning was Nothing: A Creation Story for Young Materialists." The fact is, evolutionists do have their own metaphysical creation myth. They simply hope that by labeling it "science," everyone else will accept it and shut up, regardless of the empirical evidence. They've been trying for 150 years though, and still haven't convinced most people. They can only respond to counter-evidence with ridicule, because they have no real answers. But fortunately the emperor's cloths are being stripped off rather quickly these days.

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