Friday, September 09, 2005


While there are plenty of good, sane reasons to criticize the Bush administration on any number of issues, I've mentioned in the past that South Florida happens to be a hotbed of wild-eyed, irrational, monkey-rage criticism.

Here's a letter to the editor that appeared in today's South Florida Sun-Sentinel:
You'd think that George Bush would have gotten around to helping the Gulf Coast states a bit faster, seeing as there is so much oil in that area. Well, at least as fast as he rushed into Iraq for its oil.
At first I thought it must be a Republican being ironic. But because I live down here and know these people, I'm now convinced it's intended seriously.

Amazingly, this woman might truly be too stupid to recognize that she has just successfully argued that oil is obviously not Bush's primary motive. And she thinks she's just argued the opposite. In her rush to attack President Bush on any available grounds, she served to demolish a fundamental tennet of the Left: that the war in Iraq was primarily about oil.

And as her email found it's way through cyberspace, I'll bet she sat back and smiled in self-satisfaction with the real zinger she'd just gotten off against Bush. True genius at work.

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