Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall

The Golden Globe awards, considered by many to be a precursor to the Oscars, were held last night in Beverly Hills.

"Brokeback Mountain" won four awards (including best drama, best director, and best screenplay). In the acting categories, Philip Seymour Hoffman won best actor in a drama for "Capote," while Felicity Huffman won best actress in a drama for her role in "TransAmerica."

For years, of course, Hollywood has been telling us, "Hey, we aren't leading the culture. We merely hold a mirror up to society and reflect where the culture is already at."

I didn't used to believe them, but now after last night's awards I do. Because who doesn't know at least a few married gay cowboys, flamboyantly homosexual helium-voiced authors, or pre-op transsexual males who find out on their way to becoming women that they unknowingly fathered children in their past?

I mean, aren't those themes pretty much universal?

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