Thursday, May 18, 2006

If I Only Had A Sponge

I saw an interesting story on the web today: Hillary Clinton: Right Wingers to Blame for Abortion.

I suppose it's noteworthy that Mrs. Clinton thinks anyone needs to be "blamed" for abortion in the first place, since we don't tend to assign "blame" for things that are good or right. I assume it must be part of her attempt to move away from the politically suicidal Democratic Party policy on abortion, which could be summed up as, "keep 'em comin', and more of 'em!"

Still, it sounds like she may have some glitches in her thinking as she tries to hang what she acknowledges is a problem on many of those who have been dedicated to eradicating that problem. She claims that availability of contraception (or the supposed lack of it) is the the cause of abortions. Says Hillary:
They're waging this silent war on contraception by using the power of the White House and their right-wing allies in Congress.
I may be out of touch on this. Are contraceptives hard to get? Because I can't even seem to walk through the pharmacy aisle at the supermarket without seeing dozens of methods and variations of contraception, both male and female, available. Where is this war, and what's so difficult to obtain? Hillary ominously adds:
Low-income women, denied access to contraception, are having more unwanted pregnancies - four times as many as those for higher income women. And almost half of all unwanted pregnancies end in abortions.
Hmmm. So let me make sure I have the logic on this straight, so I can understand how I've actually caused the abortion problem. By the millions, women who can't pull together walking into Walgreen's to buy easily-acquired, over-the-counter contraceptives are making surgical appointments at far-away clinics for hundreds of dollars to have abortions? Is that the deal?

Gee, who could argue with logic like that?

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