Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Cards Vs. Pond Scum

The National League Championship Series gets underway tonight, and I'm still not getting my hopes up. The Cardinals are huge underdogs, and for good reason. LaRussa has a brutal NLCS career record (11-19 by my count), Rolen's hurt, Weaver and Suppan are the one/two starters, and the Mets have a lefthanded Murderer's Row while the Cards have no lefthanded pitching to face them.

Still, being the heavy favorite has never helped them, so maybe being the underdog will finally take some of the pressure off. If Weaver and the bullpen keep holding to current form, and if the Mets pitch to Pujols....nah, I'm not going to get my hopes up. Yet.

A few notes on the game:
  • I asked this in the comments section of a previous post, but I want to throw it out there for general consumption. Has there ever been a fatter infielder (excluding first basemen) than Ronnie Belliard? Seriously, I'm taking nominations. He makes Terry Pendleton look like Ann Coulter.
  • Here's Belliard's publicity photo from the beginning of the season:

  • I think Chris Duncan should be required to wear his batting helmet out in right field. The kid's gonna get hurt out there.
  • It's too bad that ESPN isn't doing any of the ALCS, where the Oakland A's are competing for the pennant with one of the ten lowest payrolls in baseball. I'd love to hear another nine innings of Joe Morgan again explaining exactly why the A's "Moneyball" approach just doesn't work.
  • I just saw that both LCS games will be played tonight at the exact same time, meaning some of the country will see one, some of the country the other. I'm honestly starting to think that MLB executives don't want people to watch their games. I don't know that there's ever been a greater collection of dolts in any major business, and I'm including those guys at RJ Reynolds who came up with the smokeless cigarette.

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