Monday, October 23, 2006

Kenny's Persistent Mud Spot

July 5, 2006 vs. the Oakland A's:

July 20, 2006 vs. Chicago White Sox:

A comparison of Rogers' hand from Game 3 of the ALCS (left) and last night's Game 2 of the World Series (right):

[photo from PRESSWIRE

Another question that's been presenting itself as the photographic evidence begins to mount: does dirt usually shine?

Here's an interesting note for discussion from an article at Yahoo Sports:
La Russa's failure to officially ask for an inspection baffled even his own staff and players.

"They're not arbitrarily going to go out there and check him," Cardinals pitching coach Dave Duncan said. "They have to be asked to check him."

Why didn't the Cardinals ask?

"You have to ask Tony that," Duncan said.

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