Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A Rudy Awakening

The evangelical outpost today lists seven reasons Rudy Giuliani is unelectable as president of the United States.

I know Giuliani formed an "exploratory committee" the other day, and is thinking about running. And there are a few things I genuinely like about Rudy Giuliani. But he doesn't have a Glenlivet bottle's chance at the Kennedy compound of scoring the GOP nomination.

While one of the seven reasons given (that Giuliani was a mayor, and only one other president has ever been a mayor) is unpersuasive, the rest are spot on. The bottom line is, Giuliani's personal life is an absolute horror, and his political positions on the hottest social issues are anathema. He's got a better chance of growing a pompadour than of being a Republican president.

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