Thursday, January 18, 2007

Around The Horn

  • Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (one of the few remaining living members of the dissolute Kennedy family) has called radio/television talk show host Glenn Beck "CNN's chief corporate fascism advocate." Oh, well as long as we're being reasonable about it. Why does Kennedy say this? Because Beck has foolishly advocated actually knowing what we're doing before we go off half-cocked on implementing high-cost, low-yield global warming "solutions." Of course, the Kennedy family hates corporations. Their trust funds were built the old-fashioned way--through bootlegging. I suppose if anyone would know a fascist, though, it would be a Kennedy, since Grandpa Joe (whose money he lives on) was such a noted supporter of Hitler's Third Reich.
  • If you've missed the spectacular flameout of Internet racists Harry Seabrook and Greg "Badonicus" McDivitt of Little Geneva infamy, you're missing quite a show. I haven't seen anybody get their pants pulled down on the web like this in a long time. They evidently made one highly motivated and resourceful enemy along the line. May God grant them repentence.
  • You've no doubt by now heard about the exchange last week between Sen. Barbara Boxer and Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice in which Boxer impugns Rice's judgment on the basis of Rice not having immediate family members in the war. I know this argument carries a lot of popular currency, but if Rice did have children in the war (or even of fighting age), wouldn't this be what in other arenas we commonly call a "conflict of interests?" Why is it suddenly considered good for a public official to make decisions based on how they might affect personal family members?
  • I'm surprised more hasn't been said about this, but "Mr. Decency" Gerald Ford taking slaps at President Bush with the proviso that they only be published after Ford's death was an utter weasel move. Max Schulz at National Review Online lays out the situation. And when's the last time Bob Woodward actually interviewed somebody who was alive? I wonder if he's in Art Buchwald's hospital room right now getting quotes from him.

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