Thursday, January 01, 2004

Happy New Year to all!

I had the rare opportunity to interview former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore on a year-in-review radio program yesterday.

While continuing to pursue appeals in his dismissal as Chief Justice, Judge Moore is currently working towards federal legislation that would specifically circumscribe the federal judiciary's powers and authority in ruling on matters of public acknowledgement of God. With his own case and the Pledge of Allegiance case still in the forefront of the battle for religious freedom, the time might be ripe for just such legislation, which is well within the Congress' constitutional purview. It's high time that the legislative branch act within its delegated authority to reign in the runaway judiciary.

We encouraged Justice Moore to run for the United States Senate. His response was a non-committal chuckle, but I suspect we have not seen the last of Roy Moore on the national scene yet.

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