Monday, January 12, 2004

I really wanted to be wrong about the Rams.

As they racked up win after win against subpar competition, and as I continued to complain about their spectacular mediocrity, I had hoped in the recesses of my mind that everybody else saw something I just wasn't seeing. It's never been less satisfying to be right.

The Carolina Panthers tried to give the game to the Rams in about five different ways, but the Rams would not accept it. Mike Martz, who has become almost legendary for taking foolish chances, suddenly become conservative at the one time it would have actually made sense to take a risk. Marc Bulger threw three crucial interceptions. Three.

For those scoring at home, the Rams have been winning games mostly on defense, and they are about to lose their defensive architect to the Chicago Bears. They are about to let go of a two-time MVP quarterback. And the quarterback they do have threw (counting the postseason) 22 touchdowns and 25 interceptions this year.

I'm trying hard not to be negative, but I don't see things moving in the right direction for next year.

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