Tuesday, July 20, 2004

As you hear about the 35th anniversary of the first moonwalk this week, make sure to remind yourself that it's also the 35th anniversary of Ted Kennedy's driving Mary Jo Kopechne off a bridge in Chappaquiddick, Massachusetts, leaving her to drown in a sinking car .
The car was discovered by fisherman the next morning about eight hours later, and Kennedy finally reported the accident to police about two hours after that--after Ms. Kopechne's body had already been removed from the car and its license plate traced to the senator.
Authorities believe she may have lived for as long as a couple of hours after the crash.  Sen. Ted Kennedy was safely back in his cottage 40 minutes after the accident.
At the Democratic National Convention this week, Ted Kennedy will be celebrating his 42nd year in the United States Senate.  As you watch them celebrate his life, career and accomplishments on the stage in Boston, and as he stands there being hugged by John Kerry, keep in mind that Mary Jo Kopechne has been dead for 35 of those years.

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