Monday, July 12, 2004

Someone has finally taken a much-needed shot at that little putz, Ron Reagan Jr.

The someone is William F. Buckley, Jr. and he's been close enough to know better regarding some of the inane things Ron Jr. has claimed in the wake of his father's death. Bob Novak has the blow-by-blow in his latest column.

Says Novak:
The elder statesman of the conservative movement considered Ron Jr.'s remarks a public challenge that ought to be challenged publicly. Buckley wrote Reagan a letter that specifically addressed his claim in an interview with The New York Times that he, as a self-professed atheist, admired the Buddhist teachings of "mindfulness and loving kindness and compassion." Buckley told him: "You proceed in a single interview to profane/deride the faith of your parents, which is not very mindful."
According to Buckley, Reagan Jr. has even been lying about the small things:
RR Jr.: As for his father's reaction when he dropped out of Yale to join the ballet, "That was fine with him."

WFB: "It wasn't fine with him and he enlisted my aid in trying to persuade you to stay in college."
Word is that this talentless little poofter will now be speaking at the Democratic National Convention (as if he and his sister Patti didn't give their father enough grief while he was still alive).

The national period of mourning is over, and it's time for America to put Ronnie Jr. back in his deservedly obscure place. I hope more reporters and pundits with knowledge and facts will hit him hard over the next few weeks. What a weasel.

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