Monday, May 02, 2005

Around The Horn

Gleanings from the Net today:

Many conservatives (including me) loved "The Incredibles," which dared to subtly and entertainingly challenge several liberal pillars. Today, Paul D. Gallagher writes about the alternate beginning of the film, included in the DVD version's "deleted scenes," which overtly defends the calling of homemakers. It's hard to imagine Holly Hunter reading those lines, but evidently she did. Long live Pixar!

I only recently discovered Tim Challies, but better late than never. He's prolific, insightful, and he reads books. And reviews them. This is becoming one of my favorite places to visit. And sometimes even gives them away.

Max and Liz Goss, in the April edition of the eminent journal First Things, review the excellent book Scalia Dissents. And while you're at it, check out the rollicking, related discussion Max began on it at the fascinating philosophical conservatism blog Right Reason.

Drudge says Hannity and Colmes will be interviewing the runaway bride's fiancee, John Mason, tonight on FOX News. I must ashamedly admit to having been fascinated this weekend with the story of this bug-eyed psycho's flight from her impending wedding. On Friday night, I was pretty sure the fiancee had killed her. By Saturday morning I was relieved for him that he found out about this mental case before it was too late. She won't and probably shouldn't be charged with anything, though. Her lie about having been kidnapped occurred at the very end of the escapade, and I don't think police did much to act on it. Fleeing town without telling anyone isn't a crime no many how many people were out combing fields looking for remnants of your underwear.

Rolling Stone magazine recently visited D. James Kennedy's "Reclaiming America for Christ" conference here in Ft. Lauderdale. They didn't care for it.

But I think the bigger news here is that they apparently still publish Rolling Stone magazine. Who knew?

And finally, Susan, whom we are fortunate to have visit us from time to time here at the blog (and I'm not using the royal "we"; I mean "you and I"), has had a lovely piece published by Marvin Olasky over at the World magazine blog following her grandfather's death from Alzheimer's.

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