Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Heads You Win, Tails We Lose

So let me make sure I understand this correctly. The Democrats, whose filibusters of judicial nominees have been undemocratic, unconstitutional, and unprecedented, magnanimously offered to shift down and do something only about half as undemocratic, unconstitutional, and unprecedented.

To which Republicans said "Okay, sounds great to us!"

In case one ever wonders which side of the fence self-satisfied weasel John McCain sits on, consider what this deal ultimately bought for Republicans. President Bush nominated ten excellent judges over the past four years who were fillibustered in the Senate. Under the new deal, three of them will move forward to a floor vote. The others either have withdrawn their nominations or will continue to be filibustered. And future Supreme Court nominees will be subject to the same filibusters.

For all the chest-thumping and big talk of the Republican side, they ultimately wind up with 70% of Bush's filibustered nominees never even getting a floor vote, let alone near a federal bench. And they're the majority party.

Real tough guys.

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