Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The Therapist

Some of the funniest satire I've seen on the web lately comes from The Therapist. (Warning: it's not for the squeamish.)

One recent sample, regarding the filibuster compromise:
Republican Senators Willingly Date-Raped By Democratic Senators

Washington--In a historic move on the Senate floor today, Republican senators agreed to be date-raped by Democratic senators, denying themselves the chance filibuster a particularly randy judiciary committee.

"We have made history," said Arizona senator John McCain. "We have eliminated the chance for filibuster on the next three judges, and unlimited the right to our own bodies as well. How much more senatorial congeniality can you get?"

..."This should be a bitter pill for my colleagues across the aisle," [McCain] said. "Not only do they get to have their amorous way with us 24-7, but now we've boxed them in with a reconstituted congressional term that now means 'Any Supreme Court Nominee Bush Sends Up.'"

Democrats say they've only taken what they can get.

"Look, these Republicans have the skill of Sun Tzu and Machiavelli rolled into one," said Senator Joe Biden of Delaware. "We're lucky we got by with only not filibustering these three, while those guys got the rich prize of not being able to change senate rules even if we default on our promise, or just make up scurrilous reasons to block nominations."

Biden said unencumbered access to the virtue of Republican freshmen made the agreement "barely tolerable."
The best part is, the guy is prolific. He cranks out at least a post per day, sometimes two or three.

Good stuff.

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