Thursday, May 26, 2005

It's The Abortions, Stupid

Let me make this clear again. The battle over judges--filibusters, opposed nominations, threats, and all--is about one thing: abortion. Period. End of story.

If you simply keep that in mind while watching liberals wildly flail against President Bush's judicial nominees, it will all begin to make sense.

Another wonderfully transparant case in point (highlighted by Amy Ridenour at her National Center Blog) is the responses of Nan Aron (of the ultraliberal Alliance for Justice) to the grilling of Chris Matthews on "Hardball" Tuesday night.

The subject was potential Supreme Court nominees:
ARON: ...I think a nominee will be examined based on his or her entire record. And I think, at the end of the day, if that record is one of extremism, if this candidate...

MATTHEWS: On abortion

ARON: ... is against individuals rights...

MATTHEWS: What -- what -- what -- how do you define extremism?

ARON: Well, if there's a nominee who is tapped for the seat who opposed to Roe vs. Wade, that would constitute...

MATTHEWS: That's an extremist?

ARON: Absolutely.

MATTHEWS: But a person who is for Roe v. Wade is not an extremist?

ARON: No, because Roe vs. Wade is great, a landmark precedent, just like Brown vs. Board of Education.

MATTHEWS: But there are three members of the Supreme Court right now who would vote against Roe v. Wade if it was an open question? Are they extremists?

ARON: On that issue, they certainly are. But abortion isn't...

MATTHEWS: Scalia, Thomas and Rehnquist are extremists?

ARON: Absolutely. Absolutely. And if Thomas or Scalia were to be elevated to the chief justice position, we at the Alliance For Justice and other organizations around the country...


MATTHEWS: Let me get some legal history here. Roe v. Wade came in, in '73, right?

GRAY: That's correct.

MATTHEWS: So, we didn`t have it before then.

GRAY: Right.

MATTHEWS: So, everybody who was on the Supreme Court before '73 was an extremist, by this definition, because they weren't Roe v. Wade? They didn't believe a woman had an inherent right to an abortion.
GRAY: That's correct.

MATTHEWS: You say that's true?


The driving force of the American Left, when you dig beneath all the pious rhetoric, is sexual libertinism. Abortion rights are essential to the propogation of that agenda. There is no issue--none--for which they will fight harder.

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