Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Affirmative Actions

"[Rove] also made it clear that the president was looking for a certain kind of candidate, namely a woman to replace Justice O'Connor. And you can imagine what that did to the short list. That cut it . . . "

--James Dobson, describing his much-speculated-on conversation with Karl Rove just before the Miers nomination was made public
So there's your conservative, anti-affirmative action "soft bigotry of low expectations" president. Luttig, Alito, neither McConnell, nor the rest of the qualified men never even had a shot.

Listen to the White House over the next few days. Listen to how often they hail Harriet Miers for "breaking through the glass ceiling" while simultaneously accusing their conservative critics of sexism. Then ask yourself if you've ever heard real conservatives use such ridiculous, politically correct language.

They walk like Hillary and talk like Hillary, but at least they're not Hillary. We can still tell them apart because they're not as tough on border security as she is.

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