Monday, October 24, 2005

After The Storm

The storm is gone and there's a lot left to clean up. According to the news reports, there are 3.2 million people without power in South Florida, which is pretty much everyone. Unfortunately, they are warning us to think in terms of weeks rather than days for having our power restored. I'm set up for days without power, but not weeks.

In my neighborhood, most of the damage is tree damage, with some of the older roofs also taking a beating. We're closed into our subdivision by fallen trees. The wind snapped the basketball hoop next to our driveway in half; evidently it caught the backboard like a sail. It toppled over onto the top of one of our cars. Other parts of Broward had it worse, including downtown where skyscrapers had a bunch of windows blown out. The helicopters are only finally getting into the air right now to survey the damage.

It's hard to know what the coming days and weeks might hold.

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