Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Keeping A Sister Down

Former Bush appointee Linda Chavez on the Miers nomination:
I want to know how she forms her views. I want to know what she thinks the role of the courts is -- and why. I want to know her intellectual habits. What does she read? Has she spent time grappling with ideas? When confronted with unfamiliar territory, how does she prepare herself to learn what she needs to know in her professional life? Is she a curious person by nature? What does she expect of her subordinates when they are briefing her on an important matter? Is she good at playing devil's advocate? Is she a student of history? In the long run, answers to questions like these will be a more reliable barometer of her performance on the court than her current opinion on any given issue.
But Chavez is a Hispanic woman who graduated from the University of Colorado, so she's obviously a sexist elitist.

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