Friday, February 03, 2006

Around The Horn

Pat Buchanan lambastes President Bush on the foreign policy parts of his State of the Union address:
Intending no disrespect, [Bush's stated intent to "seek the end of tyranny in our world"] is noble-sounding nonsense. Our security rests on U.S. power and will, and not on whether Zimbabwe, Sudan, Syria, Cuba or even China is ruled by tyrants. Our forefathers lived secure in a world of tyrannies by staying out of wars that were none of America's business. As for "the end of tyranny in our world," Mr. President, sorry, that doesn't come in "our world." That comes in the next.

Ann Coulter might be a sore winner, but she's hilarious as always:
There now ... nominating a conservative to the Supreme Court wasn't that scary, was it? Hey, who wants to go again?

...Only because of the grassroots revolt against [Harriet] Miers were Republicans in Washington finally forced to face their worst nightmare.

Terror, thy name is Samuel Alito. Or as he is now known: "Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito."

In the whirlwind surrounding Alito's confirmation, I almost lost sight of the fact that his confirmation marked the official end of Sandra Day O'Connor's confused, monarchial reign over America. Good riddance.

Desiring God has announced their 2006 National Conference, to take place September 29-October 1: Above All Earthly Powers: The Supremacy of Christ in a Postmodern World. Among the guest speakers will be D.A. Carson, David Wells, and Timothy Keller. My wife and I vowed last year to make DG's annual conference a part of our annual plans. Also, Desiring God has an update on John Piper's prostate cancer surgery, scheduled for February 14.

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