Monday, February 27, 2006

Misty Water-Colored Memories

Well, the Winter Olympics are over, or as I like to call them, Chicksportapalooza.

I didn't see any of these Games, with the exception of one seven-minute stretch on the flight to JFK two weeks ago, where I did stop and watch. Song Airlines, a soon-to-disappear subsidiary of Delta, has Dish Network on a little LCD screen at every seat on the plane. Frankly, I never want to fly another airline. But that's a seperate issue.

Madly flipping through the channels, I came across some Olympic coverage on CNBC. Curling was the event. Ah, the memories will last forever. Another Winter Olympics etched upon my heart.

The bribes have been taken and the money has been laundered, so the next Winter Olympics are set for Vancouver, B.C. in 2010. I'm setting my TiVo now!

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