Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Having Atom

The Terri Schiavo post from last week has sparked a spirited discussion in the comments section, in which a materialist is nonetheless trying to assign greater objective value to one set of chemical reactions (in the brain of an uninjured person) than to another (in the brain of Terri Schiavo).

Of course, if one believes that matter is all that exists, then it is supreme silliness to try to claim more worth for some matter than for other matter. Indeed, the very concept of "worth" is nonsense under such a view.

However, because materialists cannot live for even a moment under the view they profess (which is why they spend so much of their meaningless chemical brain reactions on trying to convince other people to get their meaningless chemical brain reactions to fire the same way on this issue), they continually contradict themselves, smuggling in concepts of intelligence and value where all that exists is only atoms colliding. They can't help from trying to transcend the mere material in all their discussions despite themselves.

Feel free to take a look at the discussion so far.

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