Monday, February 23, 2004

Arnold Schwarzenegger got a great line off on Tim Russert yesterday on NBC News' "Meet the Press." Absolutely classic. (Wow, that's sentence # 10,368 that I never expected to hear myself say in this lifetime: "Hey, did you hear what Arnold Schwarzenegger said on 'Meet the Press' yesterday?")

From the transcript at
MR. RUSSERT: In your book, "Education of a Body Builder," you said something that caught my attention. "I was always honest about my weak points. ...I think it's the key to success in everything: be honest, know where you're weak, admit it." After 100 days as governor, what do you think your weakest point is in trying to be governor?

GOV. SCHWARZENEGGER: Well, first of all, I'm very happy that you studied so thoroughly my body-building books, and I can tell on your body that this is a whole different ball game now, Tim. I mean, look at your deltoids and your six-pack. It's amazing, so congratulations on that.

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