Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Because of my schedule, I rarely see any prime-time television. For the first time, I've recently started watching occasional episodes of "The West Wing" (in reruns), since it's on late at night when I sometimes flip on the tube.

Though obviously I disagree with its political bent, I've found it to be a suprisingly good show. But I have to ask: would someone mind turning on a light? It's dark in that place.

I've seen pictures of the Oval Office, and it has never once looked like Don Corleone's study during Connie's wedding. I've watched briefings in the White House press room on C-Span, and I've never once seen a glint of late afternoon sunlight, filtered through louvered blinds, splash across the face of the press secretary.

If someone doesn't run down to Office Max and pick up some halogen lamps, those people are going to ruin their eyes.

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