Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Watching the primary returns last night, it finally sank in on me just how monumental Howard Dean's fall from grace has been. This is a guy who not more than a month ago was on the cover of every newsmagazine in the nation and the anointed presidential nominee of the Democratic Party. And in the course of a few weeks, he can't even draw double digits in a primary.

I'm sure there have been other presumptive nominees who have fallen that far that fast--but I can't think of any. There are a whole bunch of Democrats (a veritable Mt. Rushmore of historic losers, including Jimmy Carter, Walter Mondale, and Al Gore) who got caught with their pants down after trying to hitch their wagons to a sure thing. It's like one of those dream sequences on TV. In this one, an entire party wakes up at once, shakes off the sleep, suddenly (and I mean suddenly) comes to its senses, and says "There's no way in the world this clown could ever get elected."

The only thing that remains is for the delusional candidate and the delusional true-believers at his blog to come to the same realization that the rest of the party came to simultaneously.

On another note, I saw excerpts from a John Kerry interview last night on Fox News. He was poised, articulate, and (dare I say?)....presidential. He has yet to really endure the microscope of the big time presidential campaign, but I suspect he's going to make things very difficult for George W. Bush in November.

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